a paragon hikidashi-guro chawan by japanese ceramic artist HORI ichiro (1952-). in 1971 he started study under LNT KATO kozo (1935-), which in turn studied under LNT ARAKAWA toyozo (1894-1985).

HORI ichiro was born and works in mizunami, gifu prefecture, japan.

hikidashi-guro literally means ‘pulled out’ black – the pot being removed from the kiln with the aid of an iron tong while red-hot. another common name for hikidashi-guro is setoguro (black seto).

this particular tea bowl is named joho, meaning ‘walking slowly’.

size: height 9,5 cm, diameter 13 cm.

堀 一郎 作 瀬戸黒茶碗 銘徐歩